mowna NFT Show

February 1 - April 30, 2022

This show features artworks from the 174 artists that were exhibited in mowna's first year. The artists' work will be exhibited in mowna's digital museum and mowna will also be minting 1/1 edition NFTs of the work on OpenSea, where weekly auctions will take place throughout the duration of the show. The show will additionally include NFTs from mowna's 2021 shows including mowna's Opening Show, the 2021 mowna Biennial, and This Show is Curated by a Machine 🤖.

Auctions will happen at:

Drop parties will happen at:

mowna NFT Show press release here

blog post on environmental impact here

Feb 1 - Feb 6 NFT drop 1

Ayshia Taskin, Jeremy Wolf, Theodore Lee Jones

Feb 7 - Feb 13 NFT drop 2

Pierre Gervois, Toñin Lizana, Mathilde Lâm

Feb 14 - Feb 20 NFT drop 3

Tommy Mintz, ping zheng, @hmmworldview, Andre Pace

Feb 21 - Feb 27 NFT drop 4

Larry Akers, Leemour Pelli, Avideh Salmanpour, IV

Feb 28 - Mar 6 NFT drop 5

Béatrice Coron, Jody Sperling, Alfredo Salomón Salazar & Alejandra Alarcón

Mar 7 - Mar 13 NFT drop 6

Jenni Belotserkovsky, ebeck, klaus pinter, Paola Estrella

Mar 14 - Mar 20 NFT drop 7

Amy Goldfarb, Oleksandra Voronina, anonymous, Teddy Jefferson

Mar 21 - Mar 27 NFT drop 8

IlonaDesignArt, Natalie Rusinova, David Koh, Bridget DeFranco

Mar 28 - Apr 3 NFT drop 9

Claudia Ungersbäck, Nazarova Liubov, Joseph Martin Waters

Apr 4 - Apr 10 NFT drop 10

Mark Freeman, Sourajata Kumar Saha, Dana Tomashevych, Jason Garcia

Apr 11 - Apr 17 NFT drop 11

cari ann shim sham*, Dr Kim Hamilton, Kateryna Tkachenko, SHARKo

Apr 18 - Apr 24 NFT drop 12

Higor Brunieri, Benna Gaean Maris, clitter, Joey Zaza, Kamala Sankaram

If you don't want to buy NFTs and just want to view the artworks in our museum space, please purchase a ticket or membership. This is a way of supporting art without interfacing with the blockchain.

Tickets last for 1 month from the first entry of the ticket code.

70% of ticket and membership sales go to the artists in the show, with the other 30% paying for the creation of the platform.

Price: sliding scale / pay what you wish

To enter, please enter a ticket or member code below:

Make sure to use capital letters and remove additional spaces when entering your code.

Best experienced on a larger screen, use Chrome for desktop.