Privacy policy for the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art is provided.

mowna commits to collect only necessary data and is transparent to the public as to specifically what this data is, how it will be used, and makes data reports available annually.

mowna collects only data that is necessary to run the site.

As of now the data being collected is:

Submissions: name, bio, whereabouts, email, website, files. All optional except email which we use to contact.

Tickets: email required to send ticket to.

Members: email, name. Optional except email which is required for use.

Museum: artwork/files are stored for the duration of the show. At the end of the show they can be added to the collection if the artist agrees.

Collection: artwork/files are stored. Files can be removed from the collection if the artist choses.

Store: artist name, artist email (used for contact) title, medium, dimensions, year, price, buyer name, buyer email (used for contact)

Contact: email (optional), message.

Newsletter: email (used for contact)

Third party payment processors require payment method, which is never seen by mowna.

mowna exists to be a place for art. Ticket and NFT sales support the platform.

mowna does not share, sell, or mine data.

Third parties are used for payment processor, email, hosting, code repository, NFT sales.

Date approved: Jan 31, 2024