Mission Statement

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art exists to provide an international online platform for the most timely, diverse, and preeminent artists in the world.

mowna is dedicated to paying artists for their work through ticket, membership, and NFT sales thereby creating livable wages.

mowna aims to find, display, and support wild and newfangled art through the incorporation of innovative new technologies and ways.

mowna offers the preservation of artworks through an online collection that is an educational resource and archive for its members and its artists.

mowna commits to providing the public with an accessible space for people to see art from a diverse range of global artists.

mowna chooses to be an innovative, humane, and sustainable organization with fair and reasonable terms and conditions.

mowna allows for equity, experimentation, individuality, and authenticity.

mowna is passionate about empowering artists by exhibiting their artworks, and paying them.

mowna seeks to create an ever changing, fun, thoughtful, beautifully designed space to encourage awareness and mindfulness through the exhibition and experience of art.

mowna serves the public's need for art for the highest good of all.

Date approved: September 17, 2022