You can add your financial support to the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art below, or by becoming a member.

mowna is thankful for your support in helping us make available a wide range of wild and newfangled art.

Payment can be made as Ethereum or Tezos:

Ethereum - 0x1090546b6979132c007170bDc61C6Af0de33998E (mowna.eth)

Tezos - tz1Ty8m4fYPwP5F6RKdEm6KjvnDb7GGHoFZY (mowna.tez)

$mowna on Tezos (KT1F7SZjLhws96Y5Tz3v7Lopb8TXJgggHQUC) can be acquired via the swap feature in the Temple wallet, and larger amounts of the $mowna token are available by contacting the museum. Liquidity for the token can be added via SpicySwap.

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