Institutional Code of Ethics

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art is dedicated to providing an ethical global art platform.

mowna believes that no technology is neutral and takes great care in choosing what we present on our site because it may influence or change the people who view it.

mowna commits to not exploiting human behavior.

mowna does not employ harmful algorithms, does not optimize for engagement, does not encourage addictive toxic behaviors or inhumane practices such as user manipulation.

mowna charges an admission price to eliminate reasons for unethical/immoral business practices such as advertisement, data mining, and data sales.

mowna is aware that technology is reshaping society and commits to creating humane technology.

mowna is value centric and believes in time well spent, maintaining our mental and physical health, participating in harm free productivity, positive ways of connecting, and fun fun fun.

mowna is committed to the greater good of all.

Date approved: November 30, 2020