2021 Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art Opening Show

January 8, 2021


April 29, 2021

The Opening Show features a variety of wild and newfangled artists and mediums, including the first zoom mini opera, "all decisions will be made by consensus," by New York Times acclaimed composer Kamala Sankaram. VR works include Best VR winner from NYC Indie Film Fest, "The Parksville Murders," by Opera on Tap. An animated underwater exploration, "shimmer," by Xavier Camarillo, Mary Hale, and cari ann shim sham* is featured along with a 360 underwater dance with humans and dolphins by Chisa Hidaka and Benjamin Harley for Dolphin Dance Project. Aaron Samuel Davis, one of the newly named Dance Magazine's top 25 to watch, will grace the museum with an original dance project. The award winning film "Two Seconds After Laughter," by renowned choreographer and filmmaker David Roussève, is part of a collection of dance films that include work by Mark Freeman, A. Salomòn, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, My-Linh Le, Deborah Kelly, Jody Sperling, Adi Halfan, and Virginie Combet. Interactive multi-media works created by Maria Lantin and Alex Hass, and Siori Kitajima and Joe Minadeo will keep the audience engaged for hours of play. An interactive poetry generator by Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş and Troy Kelley will be a way for visitors to leave their own poetic creation in mowna. Other works include video art by Angie Moon Conte, stereoscopic animations by Munro Ferguson, a live performance dealing with intimacy and technology by Ori Flomin and an experimental recording from The BASS QUARTET: Ran Livneh, Scott Colberg, Michael Montgomery, and Ari Folman-Cohen. Computer generated works include @hmmworldview, a bot that combines the most popular news images to give an hourly snapshot of the worldview as portrayed by the media. A collection of experimental photographs and Magic Stacks by Joey Zaza will premiere along with a live performance on January 8th at 2pm EST to open the show by Siddiquie, Aly Ostovar, and Nitsan Margaliot.

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