mowna x OpenSea = wild and newfangled drops. the mowna NFT Show, 2.1.22 - 4.30.22

New York, NY - December 30th, 2021

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna), is thrilled to announce the mowna NFT Show, opening February 1st, 2022 at 6 PM ET with a drop party on discord and will run through April 30th, 2022. This show features new artworks from some of the 174 artists representing 32 countries that were exhibited in mowna's first year. The artists' work will be exhibited in mowna's digital museum and mowna will also be minting 1/1 edition NFTs of the work on OpenSea, where weekly auctions will take place throughout the duration of the show. The show will additionally include NFTs from mowna's 2021 shows including mowna's Opening Show, the 2021 mowna Biennial, and This Show is Curated by a Machine 🤖. Auctions will happen at and auction parties will happen on Mondays at 6pm ET at

The mowna NFT Show offers a collection of current international artists who are working in a wide range of artistic mediums. mowna is invested in expanding the styles of artwork represented on the NFT platforms. "The NFT space is wild and newfangled, and so is our digital museum, so for us it's a match. We have a beautiful group of artists that we've nurtured through a really rough year and are excited to start 2022 by celebrating their work on OpenSea," says cari ann shim sham*, co-founder of mowna. "It is important to bring high quality artists and diverse artwork to the space" says Joey Zaza, who also co-founded the museum. "It's an exciting time to see so much current artwork, and we are excited to look for sustainable models that empower artists, collectors, and museum guests."

The show includes a range of artists. Some have successfully sold NFTs of their work, such as Ayshia Taskin, whose V.alpha series merges painting and digital techniques, and Pierre Gervois, a recently featured artist at Art Basel Miami, whose work explores "THE EXACT MOMENT WHEN YOUR HAND TOUCHES A WHITE MAN'S CHEEK." Other artists will be premiering in the NFT space, such as Béatrice Coron, whose hand-cut Tyvek of "The Fabulous Virus Collection" and "Trans-forms Collection" show the quality of the Metropolitan Museum curated artist, and Jody Sperling, whose wild choreography and dance in "human-sky-elm" explores the relationship between human movers and ecological systems. Mark Freeman, a filmmaker whose work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, will be offering NFT films of "Body Without a Brain" and "Body/Bag."

Why NFTs?

When mowna launched the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art a year ago, NFTs were not considered a viable option for paying artists. Over the last year, sales of NFTs have increased into the billions of dollars. They have been a way for some artists to make money for their artwork. Prominent auction houses have offered them for sale, and traditional art museums have been hesitant to work with them. Part of mowna's mission is to incorporate innovative new technologies, experiment within the art and museum space, and pay artists for their work. While the future of NFTs is unclear, mowna acknowledges the NFT space as a new opportunity for art. mowna embraces spaces that allow artists to have agency, freedom, equity, and the ability to live a sustainable lifestyle as an artist. While we still enjoy physical based work and spaces, mowna is excited to explore the NFT space with its next show.

mowna seeks to create an ever changing, fun, thoughtful, beautifully designed space to encourage awareness and mindfulness through the exhibition and experience of art and serves the public's need for art for the highest good of all. By addressing the current needs of not only the artist but also the audience, mowna is breaking barriers within the global art community.

mowna offers the preservation of artworks through an online collection that is an educational resource and archive for its members and its artists, and aims to find, display, and support wild and newfangled art through the incorporation of innovative new technologies and ways. mowna provides artists with financial compensation for their art and expands awareness of their talents via a sustainable platform where they can flourish.

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