Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's Wild Ideas and Radical Actions, 5.1.22 - 9.21.22

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"What Wild Ideas and Radical Actions do you hold for this moment? For the future? For the world?" - mowna

New York, NY - April 30, 2022

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) is thrilled to announce the Wild Ideas and Radical Actions exhibition, opening May 1st, 2022 and running through September 21, 2022. An opening party will happen on Twitter Spaces on Friday May 6, 2022 at 2 PM ET at featuring the artists in the show. This show features artworks from 29 artists representing 10 countries. The artists' work will be exhibited in mowna's digital museum at and mowna will also be minting 1/1 edition NFTs of some of the works on OpenSea at

Based on a call that asked artists "What Wild Ideas and Radical Actions do you hold for this moment? For the future? For the world?" The show offers a collection of current international artists who are working in a wide range of artistic mediums including sound, digital art, artificial intelligence, painting, sculpture, fashion, video art, dance, performance art, multimedia, software, historical photographs, generative art, VR animations, and manifestos. "mowna is supporting the onboarding of our artists to Web 3 and giving them the option to mint NFTs through the museum on OpenSea as part of the exhibit, thus bringing the wildest, most radical art to diversify, challenge, and shift the current state of artistic content in the wild space of NFTs, OpenSea, and Web 3" says cari ann shim sham*, co-founder of mowna. "It is important to bring together the physical and digital art spaces, the old and the new, the wild ideas and the radical actions. We are witnessing a renaissance in art, culture, finance, and technology, and we are happy to build new sustainable models for the arts and our world," says Joey Zaza, who also co-founded the museum.

The show includes a range of artists, including returning mowna artists, new, emerging, established, and deceased legends in the field of digital art. "archiveofmyselfasmyancestors" is a series of re-enactments of family photographs by the artist Esther Siddiquie from Bochum and photographer China Hopson. In the attempt "to literally touch time through the residue of the gesture or the cross-temporality of the pose," Siddiquie slips into the roles of her male ancestors, referencing originals taken in present-day Bangladesh between 1950-1971. One of the photos will be available for sale as an NFT.

mowna's recent radical actions include acquiring an NFT titled "MUT4" by Lee Mullican (1919-1998). mowna will exhibit "MUT4" along with three newly minted works by Mullican as part of the show. Mullican was a pioneer in the digital art world, creating the works of his Computer Joy collection from 1986-89 while teaching at University of California Los Angeles on the IBM 5170. Mullican's digital work has finally found its proper home in the NFT world.

As part of the exhibition the Estate of Lee Mullican will offer three new, never before seen 1/1 artworks minted as NFTs, at a price of 1.25 ETH. The NFTs from the Estate of Lee Mullican can be seen at

Also in the exhibit is New York City based artist Tommy Mintz, whose "Automated Digital Photo Collages, NYC, 2022" generate photographic time-lapses of the city, by comparing sequential images for areas of difference, based on custom Python code the artist has written. Mintz is part of the "Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond" exhibition, which is currently exhibiting in Long Island, at the Southampton Art Center.

Quetzali, a Chicago based artist and first generation immigrant of Mexican descent, returns to mowna with "what am i saying?" Originally selected by mowna's artificial intelligence curator for "This Show is Curated by a Machine 🤖," the 2016 National YoungArts foundation's Visual Arts Merit Award recipient works as a fine artist and editorial illustrator.

One of the more provocative works is Dick Doodles by Mark Buryk who takes dick pics and turns them into trippy doodles. Buryk creates worlds and all the zany characters that inhabit them through a celebration of the penis.

The mowna issued NFT auctions will take place during June 6th - June 12th on OpenSea.

Wild Ideas and Radical Actions offers art that addresses current issues that humanity is grappling with and a chance to invest in individual artists and the online digital museum platform as a way to change the art world for the better. mowna is engaged with innovative ways to create a sustainable business for the arts as a for profit museum that supports its artists by paying them 70% of all NFT, ticket, and membership sales, and paying for all minting and gas fees for NFTs.

mowna seeks to create an ever changing, fun, thoughtful, beautifully designed space to encourage awareness and mindfulness through the exhibition and experience of art and serves the public's need for art for the highest good of all. By addressing the current needs of not only the artist but also museums, collectors, and galleries, mowna is breaking barriers within the global art community.

mowna offers the preservation of artworks through an online collection that is an educational resource and archive for its members and its artists, and aims to find, display, and support wild and newfangled art through the incorporation of innovative new technologies and ways. mowna provides artists with financial compensation for their art and expands awareness of their talents via a sustainable platform where they can flourish.

Members of the museum enjoy benefits such as free entry to exhibitions, access to the museum's digital art collection, and other perks. Support for mowna via membership can be found at

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