Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's Tezos exhibition 9.22.22 - 1.31.23

Uncovering wild Tezos artworks

What is art's role in Web3?

How can artists collaborate with and on the blockchain?

How do NFTs serve artists and the art world?

What work messages best in the NFT medium?

New York, NY - September 18, 2022

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) announces their Tezos exhibition, opening September 22, 2022 and running through January 31, 2023. This show includes artworks from 66 artists across 29 countries. The artists' work will be exhibited in mowna's objkt collection and in their digital museum with free entry at

Curated by the museum co-founders cari ann shim sham* and joey zaza, the exhibit features artists and artworks on the Tezos blockchain from the fxhash and objkt platforms.

The show offers a collection of 106 NFTs from current international artists who are working in a wide range of artistic mediums including animation, film, gifs, generative, toys, games, poetry, paintings, photographs, interactive, 3-dimensional sculpture, petscii/ascii, sound, and video loops. The exhibit includes 34 interactive works, 3 games, 16 videos, 30 gifs, 23 images, and 4 3-dimensional models from a diverse range of artists. "What is happening in Web3 and crypto is nothing short of a renaissance for digital art with profound levels of potential. It has me in an absolute state of giddiness," says cari ann shim sham*. "The artwork that is being made on the Tezos blockchain is some of the most interesting of our time, and is worthy of museum collection," says joey zaza.

mowna is deeply invested in and excited by all of the incredible generative work happening on fxhash, and holds a "horizon(te)s #222" by Iskra Velitchkova and Zach Lieberman, which is one of the top selling artworks on the generative platform.

Also in the exhibit is German based artist Mario Klingemann, with the widely collected gif "Headwind," and an interactive work titled "The Wallpaper is Watching I." Lola Dupre is an artist and illustrator from Scotland, whose work has been featured by TIME, Nike, Penguin, and The New York Times. The exhibition includes her animal portraits "Iris I," "Sponge," "Charlie 27," and "Hercules," a medley of oddly shaped, many-eyed gorgeous creatures.

The show includes five returning mowna artists: Linda Dounia, Pierre Gervois, Tommy Mintz, [a y s h], and ailadi; alongside emerging and established artists working in Web3. Pierre Gervois, an NYC based artist of French descent, returns to mowna with "The inner life of Cryptopunks VI," which tells an assumed story of the life of CryptoPunk #603 (Mathilda). Originally selected by mowna's artificial intelligence curator for "This Show is Curated by a Machine 🤖," the crypto poet is represented by theVERSEverse gallery, teaches at NYU, and is in the permanent collection of the Tezos Foundation and mowna's permanent collection since 2021.

One of the more provocative works is "Yasmine's Goo" by Linda Dounia, an artist from Senegal. This 1/1 work was acquired at VerticalCrypto Art's "ART & NFT: The Digital Roots NYC" exhibition and auction, which mowna attended both in person at Lume Studios in New York City, as well as at a party that took place in the metaverse. Linda has dropped the first large scale AI collection by an African woman in the history of crypto art, is the founder of Cyber Baat, is a curator for SuperRare, and a heavily exhibited artist, curator, and speaker in the Web3 space.

On the lighter side, Empress Trash hammers it home with "STOP! ART COP CHECKPOINT." Minted for #teztrash, one of the many interesting and fun art events on Tezos, Empress originally priced the work at 0.01 xtz, showing that museum grade artwork is available for all collectors.

The mowna Tezos exhibition offers a doorway into NFTs, with a curation of art that addresses current issues that humanity is grappling with. The collection is a suggestion of works to consider investing in, that supports individual artists and the online digital platforms that seek to change the art world for the better.

Artists featured: ailadi, Aluan Wang, Andreas Rau & Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, Anna Malina, Augurs, [ a y s h ], Burka Bayram, Ce Vignolo, Diego de los Campos, Diego Lazzarin, diewiththemostlikes, Eddie Lee, Elna Frederick, Elsa Muray, Empress Trash, ertdfgcvb, ferluht & OOPO, Frank Force, Huw Messie, Iñigo Bilbao, Iskra Velitchkova & Zach Lieberman, Johan Karlsson, Karsten Schmidt, LIA, Liam Egan, Linda Dounia, Lola Dupre, Lorna Mills, Luiz André Gama, lulu xXX, makeitrad, Mario Klingemann, Micah Alhadeff, Monokai, Nathaniel Stern & Sasha Stiles, NeoSutras, Nude Robot, Orfhlaith Egan, Parallax Rendering & Tezopunk, Phlins, Pierre Gervois, Quilla Nina, qubibi, Radarboy3000, Renata Janiszewska, Rodell Warner, Rose Jackson, s_r_r_z_, Sabato Visconti & Sky Goodman, Somfay, Spøgelsesmaskinen, Stellabelle, SV3ZR, TENDER x William Watkins, Tommy Mintz, Unicorn Stew, V4W.ENKO, W3irDtrip, Wioulet, ZALA

mowna can be directly supported through membership. Members of the museum receive access to the museum's digital art collection, exhibitions, and events. Support for mowna via membership can be found at

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