Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition 2.01.23 - 4.30.23

Why was there only 1 woman in the top 50 highest selling Tezos artists for 2022?

This is an OUTRAGE!

New York, NY - January 30, 2023

Announcing the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition, an all female and non-binary exhibit of NFT artwork on the Tezos Blockchain, opening February 1st and running through April 30th, 2023.

For this exhibition mowna curated a wide range of artwork from over 100 emerging and established women and non-binary artists from 39 countries. The exhibition includes over 150 NFTs that cover a wide range of artistic mediums including animation, artificial intelligence, glitch, video art, film, gif, 3-dimensional glb, collage, generative art, photogrammetry, poetry, pixel art, oil painting, photography, ASCII/PETSCII art, and digital painting.

The exhibition was inspired by Lorna Mills' tweet on January 2nd, 2023, which included a list of the highest selling Tezos artists for 2022 (excluding fxhash), along with her exclamation: "OMFG, just loaded with women, ain't it, just like a goddamn Lilith fair. EXCUSE MY FUCKING PISSED OFFEDNESS."

There was only 1 woman, Iskra Velitchkova, on the list of 50 artists.

Looking at the all time sales for artists on fxhash, there are only 2 women on the list of 50 projects, with Melissa Wiederrecht joining Iskra.

This is an OUTRAGE!

The mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition asks:

How can we make sure we are building a fair, equitable, and inclusive Web3 ecosystem?

"What would happen if our community took one month, or one year, to focus their buys on NFTs from women and non-binary people? Our OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition is a call to action to everyone in the Web3 ecosystem to first acknowledge, and then address these issues of disparity. Let's gather together and unite in solidarity to incite change. This is the year," says cari ann shim sham*, who co-founded mowna.

"I can't believe there was only one woman on the list of top 50 selling artists on Tezos. We have to make sure we are building an inclusive Web3 that allows everyone to prosper," says joey zaza, who also co-founded the museum.

To curate the artworks for the mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition, cari ann shim sham* and joey zaza spent several months reviewing the collections of the WOMENverse Museum, Queer Museum of Digital Art (QMoDA), The BlkChain, Unsigned by Operator and curator Anika Meier, the 100 WOMXN ARTISTS TO FOLLOW IN THE NFT SPACE by GXRLS REVOLUTION, Refraction, Diverse NFT Artists, theVERSEverse, the Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection, Fort Gallery, the objkt front page and live feed, fxhash, Feral File, 22 Women in NFTs to Watch in 2022 by Ana Maria Caballero, mina art magazine, Through Lilith's Eyes exhibition and the #girlsgang event hosted by Women's Museum, the women in genart list on fxfeed, and the #FEMGEN exhibition by VerticalCrypto Art, RIGHT CLICK SAVE, and Art Blocks presented at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2022.

The mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition includes fifteen returning mowna artists: Linda Dounia, Elsa Muray, Iskra Velitchkova, LIA, Lola Dupre, Lorna Mills, lulu xXX, Orfhlaith Egan, Rose Jackson, Sasha Stiles, Sky Goodman, Stellabelle, Ana Malina, Quilla Nina, and ailadi; alongside an exciting group of emerging and established artists working on the Tezos blockchain.

Originally curated for mowna's premier Biennial in 2021, Linda Dounia, born and raised in Senegal, returns for her third exhibition with mowna. Her works Glitched sentiment, Once upon a flower A-0X01, and Circumstantially important demonstrate her diverse digital range in AI, GAN, collage, video art, digital design, and digital painting. As the founder of Cyber Baat, she is frequently exhibited internationally as a curator and presented as a speaker across all Web3 platforms having recently spoken for LACMA's "AI and the museum roundtable," co-presented with Cactoid Lab and Outland Art.

Sasha Stiles, a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, artist, and AI researcher probing the intersection of text and technology returns to mowna for her second exhibition. Best known for her poetry work with her AI alter ego, Technelegy, Stiles became the first writer to sell an AI-powered poem at a major auction house with the sale of "COMPLETION: When it's just you," at Christie's in 2022. Her featured work in the OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition, "Self-Portrait as Left Hand (After Ludovico Gallina and John Ashbery)" raises funds to "support the functioning of Ukrainian museums, aid preservation at the National Museum in Lviv, and help rebuild the Chernihiv Regional Art Museum and the Kharkiv Art Museum."

mowna welcomes the anon artist OONA with her video artwork "SO MANY mostly white MEN, SO LITTLE TIME," a pivotal piece pointing out the dominance of men in Web3 and Big Tech. Her performance artwork "Milking the Artist" with Lori Baldwin made 50 ETH in 3 mins by selling the artist's breast milk at the 2022 version of Art Basel Miami Beach.

In its three years of running an online digital art museum, mowna has produced seven exhibitions, including two on the Ethereum blockchain and now a second on the Tezos blockchain. The museum has created an AI curator, and hosts the mowna Biennial, art exhibitions, screenings, and events. mowna experiments with sustainable financial models for Web3 that support artists. mowna's work is thoughtful, slow, quiet, contemplative, and reflective; approaching curation with inclusive values.

The mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition offers a doorway into the women and non-binary artists creating work on the Tezos blockchain, addressing the need for equity and inclusion. mowna supports the Tezos artist community by purchasing and exhibiting artwork, and promoting and listing this work with long term prices. When one buys artwork listed by mowna they support mowna's mission of creating equity and inclusion in Web3 by paying the artist, supporting the museum, and investing in artwork that is underpriced and underrepresented.

Artists featured: Ada Ada Ada, ailadi, Albertine Meunier, Aleksandra Jovanić, Alyssa Joines, Amalia Versaci, Amy Goodchild, Ana María Caballero, Angie Taylor, Anna Beller, Anna Carreras, Anna Lucia, Anna Malina, Auriea Harvey, Bárbara Bezina, Carla Gannis, Carla Knopp, Cathy Burghi, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Claudia Brăileanu, Connie Bakshi, Danielle King, Diana Velasco, Diane Drubay, ella, Ellie Pritts, Elsa Muray, Estelle Flores, Eugenia Shchukina, Franchueca, goldcat, Helena Sarin, Isa Kost, Iskra Velitchkova, Ivona Tau, Jo Ottey, Kalen Iwamoto, Katherine Bisquet x cymoonv, Katya Kanke-Zaikanova, Kelly Richardson, Kesja Tabaczuk, Kika Nicolela, Ksenia Buridanova, Kusamehewa, Lala Drona, LeChatN0ir, Letsglitchit, LIA, Lídice Silveira, Linda Dounia, Linda Loh, Lineadeluz, Lisa Orth, Liza Grace, Lola Dupre, Lorna Mills, lulu xXX, LUREX, Maria Pleshkova, Marissa Noana, Maya Man, Melissa Wiederrecht, Melody Owen, Mina Hloy, MinooK, Miray Kurtulus, Miss AL Simpson, MollyAPop, mumu the stan, Nadieh Bremer, NurArt, Nygilia, Olga Fradina, OONA, Operator x Anika Meier, orbitanaut, Orfhlaith Egan, Petra Voice, Qianqian Ye, Quilla Nina, Rose Jackson, Rujunko Pugh, Salawaki, sansfleur, Sarah Ridgley, Sarah Zucker, Sarisa Kojima, Sasha Belitskaja, Sasha Stiles, Shantell Martin, Sky Goodman, Sofia Crespo, Sofiia Privét, Stacie Ant, Stellabelle, Stephanie Fuller, Taís Koshino, the bad lament, Victoria West, VidaV (WizArt), Violet Bond, Violet Forest, Waambat, Wanda Oliver, Wrecks

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