Feb 1 - April 30, 2024

EXIT PLAN is a cross chain exhibition that asks creators to devise ways of using Web3 technologies such as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, digital assets, artificial intelligence, metaverse, and DAOs to reimagine, replace, and restore the harmful practices of the Web 2.0 internet.

Artwork by:

  • Ariel Baron-Robbins
  • Bárbara Bezina
  • Béatrice Coron
  • Dabeatnik
  • Dr Kim Hamilton
  • Empress Trash
  • Feixue Mei
  • Julien Silvano
  • Kalen Iwamoto
  • Kuchill-0
  • Legogio7
  • Linda Loh
  • Lineadeluz
  • Marzipan Physics
  • Nite Owl
  • Renata Janiszewska
  • Rodell Warner
  • Sabato Visconti
  • Sky Goodman
  • The Selfie Institute for Selfie Studies
  • Theodore Lee Jones
  • treeskulltown
  • Violet Bond
  • Wen New Atelier
  • Wioulet
  • Woman

Featuring the Tezos art tokens:

  • $$Mek, $PEPE, $$POLE, $PUMPD, $TEIA

  • and introducing $mowna

Works available at the EXIT PLAN objkt Curation here

And the Joyn Showcase here

Visit the Loop mowna room here

EXIT PLAN press release here