The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art exists to provide an international online platform for the most timely, diverse, and preeminent artists. mowna is a for profit art museum, collection, and store that pays artists via ticket sales. mowna hosts shows, events, festivals, parties, and an online Biennial. mowna is an experiment, a fun, thoughtful, beautifully designed space, that explores technology through unique exhibitions and interactive art experiences. Ultimately, mowna is an ethical art platform that is committed to the greater good for all.

2021 Biennial

Everyone, anyone, and if you need to, you can submit anonymously. We accept submissions from individual artists, collectives, organizations, robots, etc.

Any and all wild and newfangled art made in 2019-2021 that can somehow be housed in our online museum.

mowna is interested in all art and artists. We ask you to consider a way to exhibit your art online, or make some wild and newfangled art for our digital space, asking yourself the question, "how can your work translate to or through our digital platform?"

We will explore live feed platform options or other time-based concepts to make that happen.

The artists selected for the Biennial receive a 70% split of all ticket sales to the Biennial.

If the museum sells 10,000 tickets at $18 = $126,000 split between 100 artists = $1,260 each

If the museum sells 100,000 tickets at $18 = $1,260,000 split between 100 artists = $12,600 each

If the museum sells 1,000,000 tickets at $18 = $12,600,000 split between 100 artists = $126,000 each

All submissions are due at midnight EST, March 2nd, 2021

April 30, 2021 - September 22, 2021

Anyone with a ticket.



The artwork in the collection is work that has been shown by mowna, which the artist has chosen to include in the collection. The artist owns the rights to their artwork, and the work can be removed by the artist at any time. The collection is intended to be a resource of digital art for the world to use for education, enjoyment, and research.


We are passionate about the making of wild and newfangled art, and about wild and newfangled artists getting paid. We realized that artists urgently need a place to show their work and to receive income from that work now. Large institutions are cancelling shows and the art that is being made now potentially will not be seen and might be lost, or perhaps considered irrelevant by a show that is scheduled as far off as 2022. We are tired of the broken internet. We demand a better way for humanity to have an online experience that feels good and creates joy. We find that most online platforms encourage mediocre art and disempower artists. The worldwide public needs access to never before seen work that is at the forefront of a variety of different fields. Not much art is being designed specifically for virtual spaces, and online museum experiences are subpar. We are doing this so the world can have a safe way to access their fantastic work during a pandemic.