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Welcome to the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's Tezos Exhibition.

What is art's role in Web3?

How can artists collaborate with and on the blockchain?

How do NFTs serve artists and the art world?

What work messages best in the NFT medium?

The mowna Tezos exhibition celebrates the wild and newfangled artwork on the Tezos blockchain. We have selected work from fxhash that we feel is pushing the generative art field forward and work from objkt that is forging the Web3 art revolution. As curators we've provided a diverse collection of wild and newfangled art worthy of attention, celebration, and investment.

The process of curating involved three months of watching the live feed on objkt to see what work was being minted. The artworks on platforms such as objkt (2.9 million NFTs) and fxhash (over 1 million generative artworks) were reviewed for what we find to be the most compelling work on the Tezos blockchain. We have curated 66 artists from 29 countries working in the genres of animation, film, gifs, generative, toys, games, poetry, paintings, photographs, interactive, 3-dimensional sculpture, petscii/ascii, sound, and video loops. The show offers a collection of 106 NFTs including 34 interactive works, 3 games, 16 videos, 30 gifs, 23 images, and 4 3-dimensional models from a diverse range of artists.

This museum is developed for and best experienced on the largest screen you have.

Please have on hand your highest quality headphones, and some time.

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Enjoy, play, and stay!