You did it! 🎉

Welcome to the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art's OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition.

Why was there only 1 woman in the top 50 highest selling Tezos artists for 2022?

How can we make sure we are building a fair, equitable, and inclusive Web3 ecosystem?

For this exhibition we have curated a wide range of artwork on the Tezos blockchain from over 100 emerging and established women and non-binary artists from 39 countries.

The exhibition includes over 150 NFTs that cover a wide range of artistic mediums including animation, artificial intelligence, glitch, video art, film, gif, 3-dimensional glb, collage, generative art, photogrammetry, poetry, pixel art, oil painting, photography, ASCII/PETSCII art, and digital painting.

To curate the artworks for the mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition, cari ann shim sham* and joey zaza spent several months reviewing the collections of the WOMENverse Museum, Queer Museum of Digital Art (QMoDA), The BlkChain, Unsigned by Operator and curator Anika Meier, the 100 WOMXN ARTISTS TO FOLLOW IN THE NFT SPACE by GXRLS REVOLUTION, Refraction, Diverse NFT Artists, theVERSEverse, the Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection, Fort Gallery, the objkt front page and live feed, fxhash, Feral File, 22 Women in NFTs to Watch in 2022 by Ana Maria Caballero, mina art magazine, Through Lilith's Eyes exhibition and the #girlsgang event hosted by Women’s Museum, women in genart list on fxfeed, and the #FEMGEN exhibition by VerticalCrypto Art, RIGHT CLICK SAVE, and Art Blocks presented at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2022. We acknowledge and thank these individuals and organizations for the important inclusive work they are doing for Web3 and for their influences on the mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition.

This museum is developed for and best experienced on the largest screen you have.

Please have on hand your highest quality headphones, and some time.

Use the Previous or Next arrow to move between artworks.

Click on the left or right side of photos to see others by the artist.

Click the ? question mark for the title, artist credits, andd NFT link.

Enjoy, play, and stay!